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The joy of holding a baby in your hands is incomparable. Nothing even comes close to the happiness of holding your little bundle of joy and you go to extreme lengths to make sure your baby stays safe and protected – you check if the blanket’s properly wrapped, if the milk is not too hot, you cover its head while bathing – you make sure everything’s covered. Why then, would you want to take chances against mosquitoes? There are several things you could do to keep your babies from attracting mosquitoes – using repellents, bats/rackets and whatnot. One such thing is using a Mosquito net.

Do Your Babies Need A Mosquito Net?

The short answer is yes. Mosquito nets are very important for your babies because they can’t swat the bothersome creatures away like adults. They do need a lot of adult supervision, and to lessen the already heavy burden, mosquito nets are great choices. Essentially, these nets cover the whole area your baby waddles in – this may be its crib, the stroller, carrier, and anything else – and have very minute pores to allow almost nothing but air to circulate in and out. Being structured like this, they protect against the invasion of mosquitos and other disturbances, so your babies can have the most protected time growing up.

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That being said, you do need to know what kind of mosquito nets to purchase for your babies, because there are several things to keep in mind, and different types of nets that are suited for different needs. So before we get to what to look out for when buying a mosquito net, let’s take a look at the different kinds of nets available in the market.

Types Of Mosquito Nets

There are five main types of mosquito nets, specifically made for babies, and each of these nets has its own use.

  • Mosquito Nets for Cribs: Specially made mosquito nets for babies and their cribs, so that they are protected during the night.
  • Nets for Your Baby’s Playpen: Nets that stretch over the top of the baby’s playpen, so that your little ones can play outdoors to their hearts’ content without having to worry about pesky flies.
  • Mosquito Nets for Strollers: Mosquito nettings that stretch over the seat part of a baby stroller and keep the baby free from harm during walks and outings.
  • Nettings For Baby Seats/Carriers: Mosquito net that goes over the baby’s seat or carrier and won’t allow any insect to attack your kids while inside the car.
  • Baby Tents With Mosquito Nets: A tent-like construction usually made with a padded mattress or floor and a mosquito net for the baby, so you can go on trips to the beach, park, campsite or anywhere else and still keep your child protected.

Things To Look Out For When Buying A Mosquito Net

Now that you know about the different kinds of mosquito nets, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before making the call on whether or not to buy a net for your baby. You can never be too safe with protecting your baby, so let’s take a look at a few important details you need to consider, and then we’ll jump into showing you some of the best nets you can get for your babies.

  1. First and foremost is the type of mosquito net you need. We’ve already talked about this earlier, but depending on what purpose you want to use it for, a mosquito net will vary, so it’s a good practice to know beforehand what you’re buying yourself into and whether or not it’ll be helpful.
  2. Once you’ve decided what net you’re going to buy, the next step would definitely be to check for safety. There’s something called a net securing or tying mechanism that each mosquito netting has. These closures range from simple elastic bands around the edge of the net, to an elasticized edge or even Velcro fastenings, so you have to decide which type of closure will be best suited for your situation. Many mosquito nets come with these mechanisms, so just check on the product description to know what kind of securing they provide.
  3. Size is also an important thing to consider. Often products you order online may come a size smaller or larger if you’re not careful. So be sure to pay attention to that.
  4. Consider the situation you’re using it for. As we mentioned earlier, it is a good thing to know which situation you’ll be using in inorder to know what net you can buy. Nets for playpens are only good for outings and not as practical when you’re taking your baby for a walk and you may have to look for a different mosquito net for 5 year old baby.
  5. Finally, the price – with mosquito nets, it’s never about the price. They’re priced anywhere between INR 1000 and INR 20,000 so judging based on price is something you cannot do. Good quality mosquito nets can be of any price so it’s a good idea to compare nets on the purpose and netting quality they offer.

As we mentioned earlier, you can never be too safe with your babies, and against mosquitoes, you never want to take any chances. Be sure to keep a keen eye on minute details when it comes to the netting.

Check the durability of the net. Make sure the net will last longer than just a couple weeks. Check the material, number of holes per square inch, and customer reviews to determine if the net is strong enough. If it is not the most durable net, buy more than one to always have a backup available.

Check the size of the net and compare to your stroller’s dimensions. Most nets should come as advertised on the internet, but won’t fit the stroller. Manufacturers also mention the kind of strollers their nets fit into so be sure to check that as well.

Test the net to make sure it doesn’t slip and stays on. Some elastics do not hold well. Therefore, the cover may slip on easily, but it may ride up even if you think it is secure. That said, make sure the stroller net stays in place and secures easily.

Check to make sure the weight of the net is not too heavy. Most nets weigh only a few ounces, others a pound or more. Make sure your net is light enough to keep the baby comfortable. Now that we’ve got enough knowledge to purchase a mosquito net, let’s go ahead and compare some of the best available nets in the market, and what you need to know about them

Best mosquito net for babies (Review & Well Researched)

1. LuvLap Wonderjoy Baby Playpen Playard/Folding Baby Bed Cum Cot/Convertible Crib

A Napper that can convert into a playpen? Perfect. This Baby cot cum play crib is probably one of the best items in this list. LuvLap’s Wonderjoy is a three-in-one crib that serves as a rocker, a napper, and a playpen as you like it, and with very little effort. What’s more, you get a full-sized zipper that covers the whole crib with its own mosquito net, so you don’t need to bother ordering one – although keeping backups is a good practice.

The crib can be easily assembled and dismantled, and if you’re ever caught in a sticky place, you can always reach out to LuvLap’s Wonderjoy Channel for tutorials on how to set up your baby’s little home. It can also be moved easily from one place to another, owing to the two roller wheels provided at the bottom. Don’t judge this crib by its surprisingly light weight (It weighs roughly 11 kilograms), because it can hold babies up to 16 kgs safely. Also provided is a diaper changer that works really well given that the crib can hold the baby without breaking a sweat.

Bottom Line For LuvLap Wonderjoy : If you have the budget for one you should definitely get this playpen.

2.Kiddale Polyester Baby Stroller & Pram Mosquito Net – Classic Quality

If you’ve got a stroller without a mosquito net, look no further. The Nylon mosquito net gels well with your stroller, regardless of the size, and offers complete protection from mosquitoes and flies when you’re on a walk with your precious little one. The net comes with a manual that tells you how to fit it to your stroller, so you don’t feel lost and have to google a hundred different websites for a how-to guide.

The Pram Mosquito Net also comes with a stand that allows the net to take a big arc-like shape, allowing for more room inside for the baby to move, and even crawl up and look outside. The stand is also height-adjustable and gives the net an elegant look. The net is compact, pretty and gets the job done.

Bottom Line For Kiddale Polyester Baby Stroller & Pram Mosquito Net : Overall, a very good product, and a must-buy if you’re still on the lookout for a durable mosquito net.

3. Amardeep And Co Toddler Mattress With Mosquito Net (Pink) – MT-01 – Pink

If you’re a new parent and your baby is barely 0-3 months old, a mattress with a mosquito net is definitely one of the things you need to get. And if you’re getting a mosquito net-covered mattress, this pretty one from Amardeep and Co is the one to go for, period.

Amardeep and Co’s toddler mattress comes equipped with a well meshed mosquito net that is really well crafted for air-ventilation, while also preventing any chance for nasty mosquitos and flies to enter. The clean cut and strongly fit wire frame helps the mosquito net stay covered and not get bent or deformed in any way. The cotton cushion is one of the best materials available at this price. It’s extreme softness is bound to get your little bundle all cuddled up and dozing off in just a few minutes. For the price, it is perhaps the best deal available in the market. If you’re a new parent, you should definitely get this mattress.

4. Nagar International Baby’s Polyester Soft Mattress With Mosquito Net

Another great product for your toddler is this soft mattress from Nagar International. With funky colors, great quality polyester foam, and unsurprisingly less weight, this mattress is definitely worth the hype. It has a well built mosquito net that’s bound to keep out any disturbance, and is very sturdy.

The light weight and compactness of the mattress make it easy to be followed and carried around in a backpack. Plus, while the one from Amardeep and Co is built for babies up to three months old, this one is big enough to hold a toddler up to 5 months old.


Babies are precious little things and utmost care must be taken not to let any harm come to them. Mosquitos are disease spreading organisms and keeping them away from children is a must. Using mosquito repellent natural oils and essential oils will further help keep them from danger. A good practice is to always carry these oils with you, even if your baby is fully protected by a net. Make sure you purchase good quality nets from trusted websites. As we mentioned earlier, you can never be too protective of your babies.

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