The Best Termite Killers In The Market In 2020

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Possibly one of the worst things to happen to your home is a termite infection. And if you’re here, chances are your home is under attack. Being invaded by termites doesn’t feel good, and you need to act fast to prevent them from causing any more damage. But the more you search for termite killers the more you are bombarded by thousands upon thousands of products that just don’t work. So in this article by PestZap – we’ve put up a list of the best termite sprays in the market, so you don’t have to make the wrong decision.

Jallad Tremores BugsPowerful Bed & Termites Killer Spray Powder (Pack of Six) 

This Bed Bug and Termite Killer powder is one of the best in the business. It is an effective powder water solution which will help you to get rid of termites or even other smaller insects running around the house. It is very easy to use and absolutely zero mess is made in the process. If you want a faster result, we suggest mixing a 10 gram packet with water in 2:1 ratio, and applying the solution all over the house. The effects of this solution should last you up 140 days, killing nearly every termite in the vicinity.

Green Dragon’s Plastic Termite Spray 

Unlike many cheap termite killer products out there, This one is a bang for the buck. Green Dragon’s product is non-toxic and very easy to use, so we can say that it is very safe for your family. It uses something called vapour action, which will destroy every wood eating organism there is. It is very well suited for domestic as well as agricultural purposes. This is most effective when it is being used against termites known as Formosan – which can sometimes infect living trees too. Green Dragon’s plastic termite spray is good because it penetrates through wood and the soil environments effortlessly, allowing no space for termites to run.

PIDILITE Terminator Wood Preservative, Complete Termite and Borer Treatment

Sold and manufactured by Pidilite Industries, Terminator has been a leader in the industry for ages now. There are two size packs you can choose from, and they’re both almost readily available on Amazon or any other retailer – a one litre pack and a 3 liter pack.

There has to be something special about Terminator for it to be recognized almost worldwide. And there is – a special Instant Kill solution, which will eliminate pesky termites in the fastest way possible, and also prevent them from coming back for a long period. The solution is a combination of oil-based paints and primers which will help you to avoid any damage or fading on your furniture when used. While the product is specifically made for large homes, it is super convenient to use in offices as well. Plus, it is long lasting. Just the 1-litre pack will last you a year if you store it in a cool place and use only when needed.

Herbal Strategi Termite Repellent Spray – 100 ml

Herbal Strategi, as the name suggests, is a herbal termite repellent composed of ingredients like Neem oil or cedarwood oil, and even lemongrass oil – all of these are completely pure, with no added ingredients. The application is very convenient to use and there’s no need to call for professional help. It’s a spray after all.

To use this most efficiently, you must spray it up on the crevices (and also in the gaps) where the wood of the furniture or even doors and cupboard have been infected. Once the spray is applied over the area, it will start working its magic, and soon enough the termites will have been gotten rid of permanently. It is one of the safest environmentally-friendly products out there so you can’t go wrong with this one.

Primefit Solutions Termite Killer Spray Concentrate

This product is being sold at 1800 rupees but you will get it at a discounted price of 1090 rupees on Amazon. This is manufactured and sold by prime fit solutions. every bottle of this product will contain 100 ml with a certain solution which should be filled with water to use it. this will kill the termites and not only that but it will also create a barrier to protect your furniture against them.

This is mostly used for protection against the insects which destroy wood-based furniture or even will instantly kill the termites in the walls or wood and is easy to use which requires no special skills. The quantity of unit at which it is being sold is 2000 ml. The product will protect your home, the office lawn and garden from all kinds of insects which will damage your wood with an odourless spray.

Bayer Agenda for Termite Control 

Bayer’s Agenda is one of the most highly rated products on Amazon in the Personal Care category. This termiticide is non-repellent, so the termites don’t recognise that they’ve been infected by it until it’s already too late. The spread of the solution from one termite to another with just a single touch is a troubling problem for every termite at home.

The solution begins acting on the termites as soon as they dig themselves into safe spots. You can also mix it with kerosene for added protection of wood. Definitely a go-to product if you need fast termite control and long-term protection. It also works great against colonies.

What Chemical Kills Termites?

Termites cause a lot of damage to homes if not taken care of quickly. And all these products work great because they use certain chemicals that, unlike most other products out there, actually work against termites. But what chemicals kill termite? The most popular and widely used chemicals that help against termite infestations are Fipronil and Termidor. These chemicals work to disrupt the central nervous system of the termites, and hence kill them for good.

There is also another chemical, Imidacloprid, derived from nicotine and is known as an effective synthetic insecticide. It is being used as an active ingredient in many indoor termite sprays. Imidacloprid will bind the nicotinic receptors in the nervous system to call signalling of a termite’s receptors and prevent them from being broken down by the immune system of the host. This will slow them down and also slowly initiate toxin transfer.

Another common question most people ask while researching chemicals is: Does Permethrin kill termites? The answer is, yes, Permethrin is great against termites, and is one of the safest solutions you can use against these pesky insects.

Health Risks With Termites

While these chemicals are well and good against termites, if misused, they may cause damage to the inhabitants at home as well. We cannot say that termites are a threat to each and everyone but there are chances of negative side effects on your health or for the health conditions of your family. There are chances that a termite can sting and bite. The wounds caused cannot be called as toxic because termites usually don’t carry or transmit diseases to other humans.

The real problem is that there are reports of people experiencing allergic reactions or even asthma attacks in places where termites have thrived for long. These allergic reactions can be severe in some cases, so it’s really essential that you take care of these infections as soon as they are identified. The dust which comes out from the nest of the termite can also cause asthma, so that’s something to look out for as well.

What to Consider Before Buying

All that being said and one, there are still certain things you have to consider before buying or choosing a termite killer spray. Every kind of termite problem is serious but in some cases, homeowners might actually be looking for different kinds of solutions. So before you select the best termite killer for your home, you should give thought to some of the factors that go into buying the right termite killer for you.

There are different types of termite killers such as liquid barriers, baits, or even direct chemical applicators. Your budget and whether you’re using it for indoor or outdoor purposes is also something you will need to consider. You should also look into whether these killer sprays are easy to use and also kill other pests in one shot, and how long the solution takes to work. Safety is also an important factor so make sure you don’t pick a termite killer that lasts longer than it needs to, or one which can have a harsh impact on the house mates.

How to Safely Apply/Use Termite Insecticide

Once you’ve got everything lined up, and you’ve chosen the perfect termite spray, you can move on to learning how to carefully apply them. Make sure you wear things like gloves and a mask so as to not expose yourself to the chemicals. When using a chemical, maintaining the highest safety standards are a necessity. Here’s a brilliant video by Guy’s Pest Solutions

Try to avoid eating while the spray is being applied around the house, and if it is being used indoors, make sure you cover all food items. Before spraying the pesticide, check to see if you’ve closed the doors and windows. Allow fresh air to blow in only three to four hours after you apply the insecticide, lest the insecticide escape into the atmosphere. After the whole process is done you must clean the house thoroughly to take care of the leftover bodies, and clear out the nests laid out by these rude guests.

Closing Thoughts

Termites are unhealthy, nasty, and dangerous to every home they let themselves into. If not taken care of quickly, they can lay waste to your home before you know it, so make use of the termite killer products mentioned in this guide. They’ve been tried and tested by users around the country, so you know they work. Give them a shot, and let us know how it goes.

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