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Bed bugs are a nuisance. Of all the things that can harm your home and your health, bed bugs surely top the list. If you’ve read our article on ten home remedies against bed bugs, you know getting rid of them isn’t easy. Bed bugs – usually found in colonies under your mattress – can prove to be quite troublesome if left unattended. Once the infestation gets out of hand, you will need to take more expensive measures which likely involve seeking professional help, replacing your furniture, or even moving out for some time to have your home thoroughly cleaned.

That’s why a lot of people try different remedies the moment they spot a single bed bug – from neem oil to vinegar – and that’s a wise thing to do. Rather than having to deal with an entire colony, it makes sense to get rid of the weed beforehand. While there are a lot of bed bug solutions out there, using a bed bug spray has been regarded as the best bed bug treatment.

And while there are a lot of sprays out there, we’ve put up a list of the best bed bug sprays in India that you can use to get rid of bed bugs for good, and why you should use them over the hundreds of other brands. Let’s take a look.

Best bed bug sprays in India

1. Khatnil For-All Insects Killer – Herbal

Khatnil is a bug spray brand that is sold all over the country and has been popular in India since ages. It is known for its cheap and best quality. This insect repellent is highly effective towards insects and less effective on humans. Its low toxicity has been a major selling factor apparently, since cases of people drinking pesticides are surprisingly high in the country.

Khatnil’s all insect killer kills both flying and crawling types of insects. Even insects with strong bodies can be killed with a single blast of the spray. It provides protection from cockroaches, mosquitos and other insects, and reacts 2 times faster than others. It has specially designed nozzles to reach areas where mosquitoes hide, and kills them almost instantly.

2. Good Morning Bed Bug Killer Spray

Good Morning’s Bed Bug Killer is also one of the most recommended products in the market. Its one of a kind chemical composition makes the pesticide show good resistance against the blood-sucking insects. The bug spray not only repels the insects but also kills them to a great extent.

It is less toxic and best suited for home use, meaning it can even be sprayed at mattresses to get rid of the tiny eggs you might not have noticed at first glance. Just because it is less toxic does not mean that it can be ineffective. The spray is capable of killing bugs of any life cycle – eggs or adults. It is also odourless, so you can use it freely on mattresses and curtains without staining or damaging the cloth.

3. Green Dragon’s Natural and Organic Bed Bug Control Concentrate

Green Dragon’s Control Concentrate is made of both natural and organic products. The products used in making the spray are a blend of natural and organic substances that leave behind a good odor after killing the bugs. The blend of natural oils acts as an alternative to the chemicals that kill the bugs. And it is eco friendly so it can be used anywhere without the risk of being exposed to toxic gases.

There is a process you need to follow to use this concentrate, however. The specimen needs to be diluted by adding water before use. Once the 1.89L of the pesticide is ready to use, spray it directly on any insect, on any surface (flying or crawling), and can even be directly applied to the mattress, and curtains.

Green Dragon’s product has natural herbs and ingredients such as neem oil, citrus sinensis, isopropyl alcohol and ethoxylated castor oil, which help in controlling and eradicating bed bugs and eggs, and kill flies. Organic ingredients have low odor and good resistance against synthetic chemicals. They do not add stains to the cloth or to the surface.

4. N D Pest Control Bed Bug Killer Spray for Home and Indoors

This bed bug spray is usually available in every store, and it’s probably because it’s so effective. By applying the repellent in the particular area, you can be sure of getting rid of bed bugs, and most other insects. The spray is also made of natural herbs and ingredients such as neem oil, tulsi and other essential oils that are less toxic against the human body and health.It can be used to spray below the bed, under and inside your drawers, in your bathrooms, on the ceilings, and also used to cover areas of less activity – usually spraying in all the corners. We should avoid the idea of using the spray directly, because having it come in contact with the skin may cause some kind of infection.

5. AR Products Master Bed Bug Spray for Heavy Use

AR products is one of the leading manufacturers of insects and bug control products. This master bed bug spray is best known for its heavy use. It can blow away several bugs in a single blast. And still, it is less toxic and provides odorless, stainless effects on the applied surface.

AR Products is widely known for its eco friendly, low toxic range of pesticides and this one is no different. It is an absolutely no brainer if your home is riddled with bugs and needs to be taken care of swiftly and immediately.

All of these sprays are effective and well made, but does something about them really… bug you? (no pun intended) We know how bug sprays work, but why do we need to be careful with them? Before we get to that, let’s take a look at what chemicals make a bug spray so dangerous against bed bugs, and possibly humans.

What Goes Into a Bug Spray?

There are a wide variety of chemicals that are used to kill bugs. But the major seven chemicals that are most effective are Pyrethrins, Pyrethroids, Desiccants, Biochemicals, Pyrroles, and Neonicotinoids.

Each chemical used here – either separately or together – is used to kill bugs in a different kind of chemical reaction, so that the bugs do not develop resistance towards the pesticides. There is also another chemical known as Dichlorvos, also known as DDVP, a strip pesticide that is used for small enclosures. These various types of chemicals are analysed and used according to the need, without having to worry about the surrounding or the bugs to get immune.

Are Sprays Effective?

In most cases sprays that kill bed bugs are effective. But completely eradicating the bed bugs from your house is a tricky job. Bed bugs are sneaky creatures that can hide themselves behind even the dashboard, and they cannot be killed with sprays alone if they have not made direct contact with the pesticide.

In order to completely get rid of bed bugs from your house, especially if the infestation runs through the roof, it is highly recommended that you hire a pest control team that has good experience and a high success rate in the field. Even though there are many other ways to destroy bugs, a pest control team can do a great job.

Final Take

Knowing all this, we think you can make a good decision yourself on which bug spray to go for, and why they are the best bed bug treatment you can find. However, we recommend being careful using them without necessary precautions.

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Most side effects of bug sprays can be avoided if the user follows safety precautions and instructions completely, though some bug sprays are said to be toxic. We should avoid inhaling them or using them carelessly. At first they might not show up, but one close look and you should be able to spot them, and essentially minimise the damage.

It is safe to be cautious and understand the symptoms of insecticides poisoning and take the required treatment before it’s too late, symptoms are itching, allergy, coughing, burning throat etc… Hence before using it’s good to keep your children and pets from a safer distance from the room for at least 15mins to lessen the effects of toxic chemicals.

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