Neem Oil & Camphor for Mosquitoes – Is it Effective?

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Neem oil & Camphor Oil is a natural-based repellent that does not cause any side-effects and studies do indicate the effectiveness of using them in protecting oneself from pesky mosquitoes.

Every year during the monsoons, India reports a staggering number of cases of dengue spread by the Aedes egypti mosquito. Despite the municipal authorities swinging into action much before the monsoons and ensuring the areas which have possible breeding grounds are fumigated, every year we see several 1000’s of cases for Dengue and an even higher number of cases of Malaria.

Even hospitals and doctors bring out new shiny posters educating the public about the dengue.

Mosquito Hazard Warning Signs

This is the kind of preparation done by the others, but what is that you and I could do to keep our children and ourselves safe from these blood-sucking and disease-spreading insects?

I understand that with children around, you would not want to light those chemical smoke emanating mosquito-repelling coils or slather them with the sticky ointments daily. What are those natural options available for you and me?

For one there is Neem Oil which has research to prove that the smell of neem oil can effectively ward off mosquitoes.

In India, in the mid-1990s, the Malaria Research Centre of Delhi filled kerosene lamps with 1% neem oil and burnt these lamps in the common areas of people’s homes. They found that Neem oil reduced the number of bites any of their volunteers were exposed to and incidentally caught a lesser number of mosquitoes. The neem oil also warded off the anopheles’ species which infamously transmits malaria.

Another study by this center, noted that these neem oil-filled kerosene lamps slashed the malaria incidences drastically; from ten cases per thousand to just one in a thousand. Something significant is that once these kerosene lamps were removed, the number of cases of malaria also returned to plague those houses.

The neem oil is also equally effective in warding off mosquitoes when applied to the body along with coconut oil. All one must do is take an equal proportion of neem oil and coconut oil and apply it on the body parts which will be exposed to mosquitoes.

Now, with all this info, you will be eager to know how exactly to use Neem oil daily to rid of mosquitoes

👉For applying on the body: Take 50 to 100 milliliters of neem oil which is either extra virgin and cold-pressed and dilute it in water, oil, or lotion for applying on the body.


👉Or use it as an incense: You could pour some neem oil into citronella flares or kerosene lamps and burn it for the fumes to keep the mosquitoes away.

How effective are they?

As you would be aware that there are different types of mosquitoes and neem oil’s mosquito repellent effectiveness varies ranging from 96-100% protection from anophelines, 85% from Aedes, 61-94% against Culex species, and 37.5% from Armigeres.
So do watch out for your neighborhood magazine which tells you what type of mosquito is plaguing your area!

Also, if you were to ask which is more effective, Neem Oil or DEET? I would want to go for Neem Oil considering its all-natural but unfortunately, DEET is effective for a longer period as proven by an Ethiopian study in 2015 which may lead to frequent application of Neem oil on the exposed body parts.

Things to keep in mind also before buying Neem Oil

Neem Oil smell might be difficult for some people to stomach
Neem Oil, when applied with coconut oil on the body, is a sticky affair and may not bode well for tropical areas where humidity is high

Camphor Oil for Mosquitoes

Camphor Oil

Camphor, Kapur in Hindi and Marathi or Karpuram in Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada, is something most of us Indians grew up with tucked away in their pooja rooms along with the wicks and oil for traditional lamps. But did you know that this white powdery substance like shape could also be used in keeping mosquitoes away?

Camphor is a waxy substance extracted from the bark and wood of a type of tree, Camphor Laurel normally found in Asia. Camphor’s soothing smell has also been encouraged to be used in Aromatherapy. It also serves the purpose of a nasal congestion reliever during coughs when rubbed on the chest or inhaled.

Camphor is burnt in a closed room is also an effective way of warding off mosquitoes and again, a natural product.

In case you are a person wary of all the chemicals which go into the topical ointment or the other form of mosquito repellants, neem oil and camphor should be your “Go – to” products for warding off mosquitoes.
However, if you are traveling to a place that is infamous for its mosquito infestations, then go DEET! 👍


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