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During summers, getting rid of mosquitoes is a real task. It appears that these clingy beings love to hang out with us humans. Though many products may aid one from these tiny friends, not everyone is a big fan of products loaded with DEET, and do not feel comfortable using them. And to sort out this problem, the market has come up with another effective product to get rid of mosquito bites. There are bracelets and wrist bands that have essential oils and repelling agents to ensure your safety. However, sadly, there are not enough funds available to carry out proper research in this field. These devices claim to be effective and are convenient to use. Let us glance at the mosquito repellent bracelets and bands that the market currently has to offer.

We tried a few mosquito bands to see if they work. The bands are aesthetically pleasing. They look like any other bands and could be worn and removed easily, as something you might want to add to your dressing kit. Nevertheless, there always lingers a doubt on how much a localized essential oil band could protect? It is hard to believe in its ability in the beginning, but within a few hours, you observe that the petty insects are nowhere near you. Even though they exist not so far away from where you are at, they will not dare step close to you. This is an excellent product to be used during summers.

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These mosquito repellent bands are mostly filled with natural botanical ingredients, like the essential oils are known to keep mosquitoes away. These include citronella, lemongrass, geranium, lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint oils, which release vapors that mosquitoes are not very fond of and often make them lose their desire for blood. 

The bracelets are waterproof and provide 10-15 days long protection from mosquitoes. Also, they can be easily worn around your ankle or arm and could be used as a tie for your hair, making you look only good.

Mosquito Repellent Bracelets

A UK newspaper revealed that mosquito repellent bands generally earned positive reviews from shoppers and stacked many five-star reviews on Amazon. 

Mosquito repellent bracelets are wrist-bands that are impregnated with naturally occurring essential oil extracts like citronella or lemongrass. In short, these are bracelets with additional repelling compounds.

You have probably already noticed that they are pretty affordable. They are stretchable, good-looking, come in various colours, including neon, and look nothing like a repellent. The bracelets are mostly waterproof, but they tend to become fragile with extended exposure to water or the sunlight. It is advisable to switch them after some time and store the rest in a sealed bag, away from exposure to the sun.

How do the Repellent Bracelets Work?

These bracelets work by releasing natural chemicals into the air that block a mosquito’s ability to detect their target. However, it is vital to note that the mosquito repellent bracelets do not kill mosquitoes. They also do not create a shield around us. The length of time they work varies depending on the oil used and the type of mosquito.

Odours and chemicals are carried in the air, keeping you protected as long as the scent lasts. Majorly natural plant oils are used to ward off mosquitoes. However, nowadays, these products are accompanied by small refill sprays that have active repellent. One can also reuse them by buying a cheap refill spray. 

Some bracelets come with the scent of such natural oils, so you do not have to go for topical repellents. Oils from citronella(also used in mosquito incense sticks), lavender, and peppermint are the most common types of bracelets containing zero DEET. They are less obvious and easy to handle.

The Life of the Bracelets

The bracelets last two weeks or more until their effectiveness decreases as the active ingredient is being used. They require no maintenance or cleaning whatsoever. You have to wear them.

Are Mosquito Repellent Bracelets Effective?

Mosquito repellent bracelets do repel mosquitoes but not wholly. This depends on the individual plant, and the essential oil is extracted from as every plant has a unique quantity of essential oils in it. There are mixed opinions from people who have tested the bands.

Most people agree that the bands neither shield against high mosquito activity and nor offer protection for the entire body. It is hard for one wrist-band to provide a whole-body shield. Also, in areas densely inhabited by mosquitoes, wearing multiple bands might not help at all.

The best use of the bands is to provide a lower level of protection. They can provide excellent help when you need to protect just a little exposed skin, like that of your wrists, ankles, etc., and not the whole body.

Are the Bands Safe?

Mosquito repellent bracelets are not known to use any harsh chemicals. The companies claim to use essential oils extracted from plants in their processing. That does not mean they are undoubtedly safe. If the extracts used in the bracelets are concentrated, they may not be entirely safe.

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You must follow all the instructions so that you can wear them with assurance. It is also advisable to check the package to verify that you’re not allergic to the product. Make sure to use other repellents along with the bracelet if your surroundings inhabit a handsome sum of mosquitoes.


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