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The World Health Organization revealed that mosquitoes killed 24,000 Indians in the year 2015 and another report by the same organization states that India along with 20 other countries accounts for 85% of malaria cases worldwide. Since ages, people have fought an ongoing battle with the blood-sucking beasts, mosquitoes. In turn, this led to the invention of many products that claim to kill mosquitoes. As technology built up, people got even lazier, which paved the way for mosquito repellent and mosquito killer apps. Today there are numerous mobile applications available on both Android and Apple devices. Also, YouTube has videos that play sound at a particular frequency and claim to be an effective solution to keep mosquitoes away. However, are these apps beneficial? Do these frequencies wards off mosquitoes? If they do, then to what extent do they protect you? Nowadays, to shield themselves from life-threatening diseases, people have started relying on Mosquito Repeller apps, which still stand on no grounds of scientific evidence to proclaim their viability. Let us learn more about such mobile apps.

Mobile Apps  as  a  Mosquito Repellent

There is no scientific evidence to prove that high-frequency sounds repel mosquitoes. However, many people market various sound-producing gadgets to repel mosquitoes.

The sound broadcasts cover a range of different frequencies; some even imitate mosquito predators like dragonflies. Nevertheless, there is little to no scientific evidence that they work.

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Mosquitoes are known to generate sound frequencies ranging from 17.4 kHz to 20 kHz. The mobile app emits sounds between the range of 9 kHz to 22 kHz. Even when people cannot hear it, mosquitoes can sense and avoid these types of frequencies.

What Does the App Really Do?

Science asserts that humans can hear sound between the range of 20-20,000 Hz or 20 kHz. However, it should be noted that as they age, they find it harder to recognize specific frequencies. The apps claim to emit 14 kHz, 16 kHz, and 20 kHz frequencies. They allow the user to choose the frequency they want. Some apps in the market claim to emit a high-frequency sound to repel mosquitoes. These sounds resemble that of a natural predator, such as a dragonfly, those female mosquitoes are known to avoid. Some apps mimic the sound of a male mosquito; if a female mosquito (which causes malaria) has mated with the male already, she might avoid the male drawing them away from the sound. However, there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that high-frequency devices repel mosquitoes.

The pregnant female mosquito causes mosquito bites since they have a fondness for fresh blood, while the males binge flower nectar. Mosquito-repelling apps are designed to emit a high-pitched noise, which is seen to mimic mosquito predators’ sound, like dragonflies or male mosquitoes, the noises that pregnant female mosquitoes are seen to avoid.

Top 5 Mosquito Repelling Apps

There are nearly 200 such mobile apps that are available on Google play store. We tried many apps to see how effective they are. It turns out some apps are of no use at all; they falsely claim to repel mosquitoes, but they do the opposite when it comes to reality. Other apps may have some effect on mosquitoes, but it is not sure whether they are successful in providing full protection.

1. Mosquito Repellent | Anti Mosquito Sound App

Mosquito Repellent | Anti Mosquito Sound App - Google Playstore This application is designed specifically for the buzzing little insets. This app prevents one from mosquito bites by emitting high-frequency ultrasounds that repel mosquitoes. The app generates some frequency sounds that mimic the sound of mosquito predators, keeping them away.

Link – View on Google Playstore

2. Anti Mosquito Repellent Sound Simulator

Anti Mosquito Repellent Sound Simulator - Google Playstore

This app is an easy-to-use app that allows you to play nine different frequencies on your phone. There are also frequencies ranging from 8 kHz to 22 kHz. Once you get higher than 20 kHz, the sound becomes ultrasonic. The app does not have scientific backing or data indicating that it works; the developers say that it should be used to experiment rather than used as a person’s lone method of mosquito protection.

Link – View on Google Playstore

3. Anti Mosquito Sonic Repeller

Anti Mosquito Sonic Repeller - Google Playstore

The app is one of the simplest apps in the market. It is very innate and easy to use. When you open the app, there are varied frequencies available. It is an excellent app to start experimenting with since it does not prove its efficacy.

Link – View on Google Playstore

4. Anti-Mosquito Repellent: Frequency App for Mosquito

Anti-Mosquito Repellent:Frequency App for Mosquito - Google Playstore

This application claims to provide prevention from mosquitoes. This app emits frequency sound that insects may dislike and run away from. It does not guarantee full protection, but it is suitable for a trial since downloading a mobile application does no harm.

5. Anti Mosquito Sound

Anti Mosquito Sound - Google Playtore

This application prevents one from mosquitoes and some other bugs. This app emits certain frequency sounds which insects dislike; some frequencies may not be audible to humans. However, this app also does not guarantee 100% protection; indeed only decreases the mosquito obstacle a bit.

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Apart from mobile applications, YouTube also provides links to various channels that claim to emit anti-mosquito sounds. Here is a Link of an Mp3 Anti Mosquito Sound on YouTube. Again there is no scientific proof that may prove its efficacy.


There is little or no evidence regarding the efficiency of any sound repellent for mosquitoes. Scientists are yet struggling to discover a specific frequency or set of variable frequencies, which may prove effective against mosquitoes. Downloading a mosquito repelling app does not ensure complete defense, and it is suggested to also have other defense mechanisms like mosquito repellents plants or mosquito incense sticks to avoid the deadly beasts. This is why using a net, or liquid insect repellent largely reduces the chance of getting bit.

Downloading a few apps from the play store does not harm and could help check whether the varied frequencies get results. Some apps have frequencies that young people can hear but not elders as they cannot listen to specific frequencies as they age. Other apps might have frequencies totally outside the range of human hearing. It is one’s choice which method to pick to shelter oneself.

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