Answering The Age-old Question – Does Neem Oil Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

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You first begin to sense a few red spots here and there on your body – marks that weren’t there the previous night. You think it’s harmless and just rub it off. A couple days later you see these red marks all over your body, and it takes a little more time to find the culprit – a tiny little pest. You think it isn’t possible for a single pest to cause so many problems, so you decide to just kill it and be done only to find a whole nest of these nasty pests resting under your bed.

Bed bugs are a common household problem, but if they’re not gotten rid of at once, they’ll make sure nothing but a hollow shell of your precious home is left. If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably been infected by these blood-sucking creatures from hell and are scratching your head wondering what to do – after trying hundreds of recommendations from blogs all over the internet, you still can’t seem to put an end to it.

More than one of these blogs would have recommended you to use Neem oil, but your mind gets swarmed with questions – Neem oil kills bed bugs? Are the effective against Mosquitoes? How do I use it? And does it actually work? Don’t worry, because in this article by PestZap, we’re going to put all of these questions to rest.

Neem Oil And Bed Bugs

Neem leaves have been regarded as a very popular pesticide against bed bugs. They are often used as sprays – be they store-bought or homemade – and they’ve popularly been treated as an effective method against these troublesome insects. Spoiler Alert! They’re not as effective, but before we jump into ranting about these neem spray reviews, let’s first see how neem oil is meant to be used against bed bugs.

How To Use Neem Oil

Neem oil is the only EPA approved biopesticide that can be used indoors. People often use it by burning its leaves in a closed container to form smoke – this smoke can prevent mosquitoes, cockroaches, and other small insects, but it’s not as effective against bed bugs. Another alternative is to use neem sprays to kill them. Mixing essential neem oil with water will help you get a homemade spray ready in no time. It won’t be as effective as a cold-pressed one you can get at stores, but it’ll still get the job done. The more important question is:

Can Neem Oil Kill Bed Bugs?

The answer is yes – Neem oil can kill bed bugs, but only if it’s directly sprayed on them. Bed bugs, when in direct contact with neem oil, will be severely harmed. This is why you cannot expect to get rid of bed bugs by just spraying neem oil randomly around your house. There needs to be direct contact between the bugs and the neem oil.

You will have to be careful however. If the infection has just started – such that you can directly spray neem over each and every one of them, using a neem oil spray for bed bugs will definitely help. However, if the infection is out of hand, you need to call for professional help. Neem oil or any other home remedy will not do much damage to a whole nest of bed bugs.

Side Effects

While Neem oil can kill bed bugs, it can also potentially be harmful to the residents of the home. It is, at the end of the day, a pesticide afterall, and may cause some discomfort to people when subjected to prolonged exposure. The most common irritations reported are related to the yes, skin, and stomach. So if you’re someone who may have sensitive skin and an upset stomach, you might want to avoid this.

Closing Thoughts

Many online blogs would gladly place a seal of guarantee about the effectiveness of Neem Oil on bed bugs, but as you clearly read above, this isn’t the case. Neem oil and bed bugs are only sworn enemies when the bed bug infestation is very minimal or just starting out. Yes it is effective, but you’d be right to call for professional help when an army of bed bugs has its fort set up under your bed.

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