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Just the thought of having a nest of bugs crawling under your bed is sure to leave many of us sleepless. If you’re here, chances are you’re already having a problem getting rid of bed bugs. While there are a lot of methods you could use – like applying neem oil – only a handful of them work well in getting rid of these unwanted visitors.

At PestZap, we always recommend going with professional help if you don’t know what you’re doing – more so when it comes to bed bugs. Typically, when the infection has grown to a very large extent, you definitely need to do that. However, if you’ve been quick to notice the spread in the beginning stages, you can surely use certain home remedies that will help in getting rid of these nasty pests and preventing further infestation. And to save you some time, we’ve compiled a full list of Indian home remedies that are sure to remove bed bugs from your home.

Baking soda

Almost every article on the internet about killing bed bugs at home will have recommended using baking soda as a viable option. Baking soda is good for a lot of things – soothing canker sores, relieving itchy skin, as a mouthwash – but can it be an effective natural remedy for bed bugs? The answer is yes.

Baking soda is popular because of its simplicity. All you have to do is sprinkle lots of baking powder all over your mattress and bed, especially in places the infestation is proving to be problematic. And that’s it, you’re done.

In a few days, you’ll have to vacuum all the places where you sprinkled them, and repeat the process again and again until there’s no sign of the nasty home invaders. Baking soda gets rid of bed bugs by absorbing the liquid on their waxy layer, leaving them dehydrated.
Small granules of baking soda also cut through the bedbugs’ shells, leading to internal bleeding. The catch? None of this is scientifically backed, because it’s not been proven that baking soda actually absorbs the liquid portion from the waxy layer of the bugs. However, there have been a lot of instances where baking soda has shown its magic. So it can’t hurt to give it a try.


Just like ultrasonic devices, mothballs – also called naphthalene balls – are also a great DIY pesticide repellent you can use to get rid of bed bugs. Just take a handful of these balls and place them underneath your furniture, bed, mattresses or any area in general where the infestation is found. The pungent smell from the mothballs will keep away any and all bugs away from your prized possessions. Just make sure to fill these spaces with new balls once the older ones get evaporated, and that happens a lot more quickly than you might imagine.

Steam Cleaning

With the baking soda method, using a vacuum cleaner might not always be effective, since there are some places a vacuum cannot reach – more so if you’ve got a tricky bed carved for yourself. In such cases, using a steam cleaner is a really good option. Bed bugs usually die at temperatures above 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and vacuum cleaners give you that temperature. You must be careful not to harm yourself or the furniture, however, because if this is your first time handling this issue, it is entirely possible that you may slip up.

Washing Garments and Bedding

This may be something best left to the professionals, but you can control the infestation by washing away the bed bugs in your bedding and other garments. Just thoroughly wash them in hot water and then use a tumble dryer to complete the process. But before you proceed, check the labels to make sure that the fabrics can withhold the hot water and tumble drying treatment.

Silica Gel

Who would’ve thought that the small packets that come with plastic bottles and other household items for washing purposes would come in handy when getting rid of bed bugs.

Silica Gel is generally used to prevent damage, odors and stains away from products by storing moisture. They can surprisingly also be used to combat nasty bed bugs. To do this, you must first grind up the silica beads into fine powder that can be sprinkled on the infested areas – similar to what we do using baking soda. However, if you have any pets, we would suggest avoiding this technique, since inhaling this can be really toxic to whatever precious little creature you’re raising. Baking soda is a better alternative.

Scented Dryer Sheets

There is a kind of smell which comes from dryer sheets – a smell that repels insects and pests. Similar to how we use mothballs, scented dryer sheets have their own charm. They cause bed bugs so much discomfort that they literally pack their bags and run away almost instantly. It isn’t preferred as much though, because when these bugs move away, they generally nest themselves just a little far from the smell (and sometimes even to your neighbour’s place).


If you are not getting enough sleep due to these pesky bugs, and you want to have some rest but can’t wait days altogether just for the bed bugs to die through effect of the other remedies you’ve tried, the best option for you would be to use a hairdryer to blow warm air over the affected areas. The heat will kill the bed bugs almost instantly. Now, this is an easy method for you to go to sleep without worrying about being stalked for dinner.

Double-sided Tape

This is a smart, (but gross) remedy that you can try. The method implies that you use a double-sided tape to wrap the circumference of the bed’s post from the floor all the way to the mattress. Do this on all four posts. When a bed bug tries to climb the bed to get to you, It will get stuck, and you’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep. Just make sure the blankets stay up at all times, else all that tape would go to waste. The morning is when you’ll have to do the dirty work. Throw away the taping, with the bed bugs attached. Please note that this should only be considered as an intermediate solution until you get rid of the bed bugs by home remedy, or by calling for professional help. It isn’t feasible as a permanent solution.

Here’s a well made video by Rick Steinau

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth (or diatomite) is a great natural remedy against any kind of pest, including fleas. It is actually a soft sedimentary rock which easily turns to powder upon crushing. To use it effectively, sprinkle the powder all over your home. It takes a lot of time to work it’s magic however – almost ten days – but the results are worth it. The tiny shards of powder make sure they ward off any nasty pest that even you might not know are creeping into your home.

Ultrasonic Devices

Okay, this one isn’t as much a home remedy as it is a “hack”. There are a lot of DIY pest solutions and natural solutions for bed bugs but only a few of them may be as efficient as ultrasonic devices. These machines repel bed bugs rather than killing them. All of you have to do is plug them into a power socket and mount them on a wall, and that’s it!

Ultrasonic devices emit high frequency sounds that are sort of uncomfortable to the bed bugs and cause the nests to move away to a more habitable location. If you haven’t been paying attention in science class, ultrasonic waves are sound waves operating at over 20,000 Hz, that are inaudible to humans ears. So you don’t have to worry about these devices causing you any trouble.

There are concerns as to whether these devices actually work as effectively as they claim, and we can say for a fact that they do, only if the infestation is minimal.

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Closing Thoughts

These ten home remedies against bed bugs are sure to work their magic on your home, and leave no sign of bed bugs whatsoever. However, you need to take care not to let any more mishaps bring these vicious beings back into your home. Aftercare maintenance is very important, and a good routine, once adopted, is sure to keep your home healthy, peaceful, and pest-free.


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