Bed Bugs Reviews

The Best Bed Bug Powders To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In 2020

It is a nightmare just imagining yourself going to sleep in a hotel room with blood sucking bugs crawling under your mattress. But what if that was your own home, and you had to come to a few hundred of these bed bugs staying uninvited under your bed? If you haven’t been paying attention to your home for a while now, there might be a chance that you will have to deal with this problem sooner than you imagine. So to prepare for battle, we’ve put down a list of the best bed bug killers in the market – products that you can use today to get rid of these pesky insects.

The Best Bed Bug Powders To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Good Morning Bed Bug Killer Powder

We’ve talked before about how effective Good Morning’s products are in our Top five bed bug Sprays article, and we mention their powder here because they simply work. The powder has been regarded as one of the most effective bed bug killers out there on Amazon. It is completely odourless, comes with a non-staining formula and will avoid any kind of damage to the fabrics and the furniture. The bed bug powder is also child and pet friendly and is completely safe to use on mattresses as well as on your curtains. Just follow the instructions on the pack, or mix one pack with one litre of water and directly spray it on the infested areas, and you’re good to go.

MMR Making Marvelous No Parking Powerful Bed Bugs and Termites Powder

MMR is a very powerful bed bug killer brand and one of the most effective ones in the market. It lays to rest nearly every bed bug near the applied area. Similar to Good Morning’s product, MMR has also made its bed bug power odourless – it does not leave any stains or even cause any damage to the fabrics when applied on them. The surrounding of the infested areas where the spray will be applied to is safe from any damage as the bed bug killer has chemicals that prevent the bed bugs from running away from the applied area.

Casa De Amor Eco Magic Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Effective Organic Eco-Friendly Safe Pest Control 

Don’t go by the simplicity of the package this eco-friendly bed bug powder  comes in. It is one of the best products out there that gets rid of bed bugs without leaving a mess around. It’s very safe to use as it has no smell whatsoever. Plus, it is non-toxic, which makes it perfectly safe to be used around children as well as any kind of pets you may shelter at home. The best thing about this diatomaceous earth is that insects cannot develop any immunity against it (more on diatomaceous earth in a bit).

Jallad Tremores Powerful BedBugs & Termites Killer Spray Powder Super Power Powder Base Formula 

If you’re looking for something that takes quick care of your bed bug problem and doesn’t weigh too heavily on your wallet, get this one. It is a very cheap product and even comes in packs of 10, 20, 30, 40, and 60 grams. It can be made effective with a powder water solution to get rid of termites and all other small house insects. The infected bugs when coming in contact with other bugs infect them as well, to boost up the infestation. It is very easy to use and has often been reviewed as a non-messy product. For faster results, we recommend using the correct water to power ratio, and apply it directly on the infected area, pouring it on as many bed bugs as you can.

Pai’s Organic Bed Bug Killer – Organic Formula to Kill Bed Bugs

This bed bug killer from Pai Hygiene comes in 2 options – one is a 250 gram packet, and the other is a 1 kilogram  heavy use pack. The product is prepared from natural earth minerals with an advanced formula which helps them pull out all the bed bugs from their roots. It perfectly does its job, not leaving behind any kind of side effects or any stains – it simply gets rid of all the termites. Plus, it is a 100% organic eco-friendly bed bug killer. What else are you even searching for?

Will diatomaceous earth kill bed bugs?

We mentioned diatomaceous earth earlier in this article, because it is one of the most safe and effective ways of getting rid of bed bug infestations. Diatomaceous earth is your trump card in your war against bed bug invasions. While there are other solutions – like applying neem oil or vinegar – nothing works quite as good as this natural mixture. It is a barrier which is all-natural and is used to kill and prevent the termites from moving throughout your house like a tornado, picking apart everything as it goes. However, do not forget that diatomaceous earth alone will not do the job, it only works as a fine barrier, and with the help of other products, like the ones mentioned above, work towards getting rid of infestations immediately and in the future.

How To Use Bed Bug Powder?

Bed Bug powders function well, but only when put to use correctly. Mishaps can cause skin allergies and poisoning to the inmates of the house, and even harm your pets in some instances. The most effective way to use bed bug powder is to focus its application on the cracks and crevices of the home. This helps the spray gain more direct access to the bugs, and expose and kill them properly. There are a lot of cracks you can find along the skirting boards and the floor once you start searching for these small but harmful pests. All you have to do is apply the powdered solution in these cracks with the help of a nozzle – which is probably always provided along with the product.

Proceed with Caution

Before you move on to getting your hands dirty with diatomaceous earth and bed bug powders, we would like to ask you to proceed with caution – The pesticides that you use may contain a lot of chemicals. These chemicals, if not used right, might pose threat to users who are allergic to certain toxins. The powder contains a carcinogen which directly causes cancer. The pesticide can easily be inhaled or absorbed through your eyes or skins, causing worry for serious allergic reactions. Proceeding with caution is always a good practice, not only for applying bed bug powders but for any kind of pesticide.


The Best Termite Killers In The Market In 2020

Possibly one of the worst things to happen to your home is a termite infection. And if you’re here, chances are your home is under attack. Being invaded by termites doesn’t feel good, and you need to act fast to prevent them from causing any more damage. But the more you search for termite killers the more you are bombarded by thousands upon thousands of products that just don’t work. So in this article by PestZap – we’ve put up a list of the best termite sprays in the market, so you don’t have to make the wrong decision.

Jallad Tremores BugsPowerful Bed & Termites Killer Spray Powder (Pack of Six) 

This Bed Bug and Termite Killer powder is one of the best in the business. It is an effective powder water solution which will help you to get rid of termites or even other smaller insects running around the house. It is very easy to use and absolutely zero mess is made in the process. If you want a faster result, we suggest mixing a 10 gram packet with water in 2:1 ratio, and applying the solution all over the house. The effects of this solution should last you up 140 days, killing nearly every termite in the vicinity.

Green Dragon’s Plastic Termite Spray 

Unlike many cheap termite killer products out there, This one is a bang for the buck. Green Dragon’s product is non-toxic and very easy to use, so we can say that it is very safe for your family. It uses something called vapour action, which will destroy every wood eating organism there is. It is very well suited for domestic as well as agricultural purposes. This is most effective when it is being used against termites known as Formosan – which can sometimes infect living trees too. Green Dragon’s plastic termite spray is good because it penetrates through wood and the soil environments effortlessly, allowing no space for termites to run.

PIDILITE Terminator Wood Preservative, Complete Termite and Borer Treatment

Sold and manufactured by Pidilite Industries, Terminator has been a leader in the industry for ages now. There are two size packs you can choose from, and they’re both almost readily available on Amazon or any other retailer – a one litre pack and a 3 liter pack.

There has to be something special about Terminator for it to be recognized almost worldwide. And there is – a special Instant Kill solution, which will eliminate pesky termites in the fastest way possible, and also prevent them from coming back for a long period. The solution is a combination of oil-based paints and primers which will help you to avoid any damage or fading on your furniture when used. While the product is specifically made for large homes, it is super convenient to use in offices as well. Plus, it is long lasting. Just the 1-litre pack will last you a year if you store it in a cool place and use only when needed.

Herbal Strategi Termite Repellent Spray – 100 ml

Herbal Strategi, as the name suggests, is a herbal termite repellent composed of ingredients like Neem oil or cedarwood oil, and even lemongrass oil – all of these are completely pure, with no added ingredients. The application is very convenient to use and there’s no need to call for professional help. It’s a spray after all.

To use this most efficiently, you must spray it up on the crevices (and also in the gaps) where the wood of the furniture or even doors and cupboard have been infected. Once the spray is applied over the area, it will start working its magic, and soon enough the termites will have been gotten rid of permanently. It is one of the safest environmentally-friendly products out there so you can’t go wrong with this one.

Primefit Solutions Termite Killer Spray Concentrate

This product is being sold at 1800 rupees but you will get it at a discounted price of 1090 rupees on Amazon. This is manufactured and sold by prime fit solutions. every bottle of this product will contain 100 ml with a certain solution which should be filled with water to use it. this will kill the termites and not only that but it will also create a barrier to protect your furniture against them.

This is mostly used for protection against the insects which destroy wood-based furniture or even will instantly kill the termites in the walls or wood and is easy to use which requires no special skills. The quantity of unit at which it is being sold is 2000 ml. The product will protect your home, the office lawn and garden from all kinds of insects which will damage your wood with an odourless spray.

Bayer Agenda for Termite Control 

Bayer’s Agenda is one of the most highly rated products on Amazon in the Personal Care category. This termiticide is non-repellent, so the termites don’t recognise that they’ve been infected by it until it’s already too late. The spread of the solution from one termite to another with just a single touch is a troubling problem for every termite at home.

The solution begins acting on the termites as soon as they dig themselves into safe spots. You can also mix it with kerosene for added protection of wood. Definitely a go-to product if you need fast termite control and long-term protection. It also works great against colonies.

What Chemical Kills Termites?

Termites cause a lot of damage to homes if not taken care of quickly. And all these products work great because they use certain chemicals that, unlike most other products out there, actually work against termites. But what chemicals kill termite? The most popular and widely used chemicals that help against termite infestations are Fipronil and Termidor. These chemicals work to disrupt the central nervous system of the termites, and hence kill them for good.

There is also another chemical, Imidacloprid, derived from nicotine and is known as an effective synthetic insecticide. It is being used as an active ingredient in many indoor termite sprays. Imidacloprid will bind the nicotinic receptors in the nervous system to call signalling of a termite’s receptors and prevent them from being broken down by the immune system of the host. This will slow them down and also slowly initiate toxin transfer.

Another common question most people ask while researching chemicals is: Does Permethrin kill termites? The answer is, yes, Permethrin is great against termites, and is one of the safest solutions you can use against these pesky insects.

Health Risks With Termites

While these chemicals are well and good against termites, if misused, they may cause damage to the inhabitants at home as well. We cannot say that termites are a threat to each and everyone but there are chances of negative side effects on your health or for the health conditions of your family. There are chances that a termite can sting and bite. The wounds caused cannot be called as toxic because termites usually don’t carry or transmit diseases to other humans.

The real problem is that there are reports of people experiencing allergic reactions or even asthma attacks in places where termites have thrived for long. These allergic reactions can be severe in some cases, so it’s really essential that you take care of these infections as soon as they are identified. The dust which comes out from the nest of the termite can also cause asthma, so that’s something to look out for as well.

What to Consider Before Buying

All that being said and one, there are still certain things you have to consider before buying or choosing a termite killer spray. Every kind of termite problem is serious but in some cases, homeowners might actually be looking for different kinds of solutions. So before you select the best termite killer for your home, you should give thought to some of the factors that go into buying the right termite killer for you.

There are different types of termite killers such as liquid barriers, baits, or even direct chemical applicators. Your budget and whether you’re using it for indoor or outdoor purposes is also something you will need to consider. You should also look into whether these killer sprays are easy to use and also kill other pests in one shot, and how long the solution takes to work. Safety is also an important factor so make sure you don’t pick a termite killer that lasts longer than it needs to, or one which can have a harsh impact on the house mates.

How to Safely Apply/Use Termite Insecticide

Once you’ve got everything lined up, and you’ve chosen the perfect termite spray, you can move on to learning how to carefully apply them. Make sure you wear things like gloves and a mask so as to not expose yourself to the chemicals. When using a chemical, maintaining the highest safety standards are a necessity. Here’s a brilliant video by Guy’s Pest Solutions

Try to avoid eating while the spray is being applied around the house, and if it is being used indoors, make sure you cover all food items. Before spraying the pesticide, check to see if you’ve closed the doors and windows. Allow fresh air to blow in only three to four hours after you apply the insecticide, lest the insecticide escape into the atmosphere. After the whole process is done you must clean the house thoroughly to take care of the leftover bodies, and clear out the nests laid out by these rude guests.

Closing Thoughts

Termites are unhealthy, nasty, and dangerous to every home they let themselves into. If not taken care of quickly, they can lay waste to your home before you know it, so make use of the termite killer products mentioned in this guide. They’ve been tried and tested by users around the country, so you know they work. Give them a shot, and let us know how it goes.

Mosquitoes Reviews

Best Mosquito Bats in India – Tried & Tested Reviews

Mosquitoes are resilient and generally tough to eradicate completely using just mosquito coils and repellents. It becomes more difficult if you’re someone who has a hard time breathing with a coil burning in the room, or you have a family member who has a similar problem. The simplest solution? A mosquito bat.

There are, however, thousands of mosquito bats online with a lot of mediocre ones thrown in the mix, so in this article by PestZap we’re going to take a look at some of the best mosquito killer bats in India, and why they’re such attractive options over others.

Mosquitoes Getting Out Of Hand? Try These Popular Mosquito Bats

HIT Anti-Mosquito Racket – Rechargeable

If you were raised in an Indian home, you probably know what HIT is. The company is renowned for its pest killing devices and almost every household has purchased this at least once in their lifetime. So when HIT comes up with its own mosquito racket, you know it’s good.

One of the bestselling mosquito bats on Amazon, the device has a battery that can last for almost a month on a four-hour charge. It is built with high quality aircraft grade ABS plastic, and has a unique design that lets you get into tricky places and swat out these pesky insects. The built-in LED and a 6-month warranty period are just more reasons for you to buy the HIT anti-mosquito racket without second thoughts. Definitely one of the best products in this list.

Weird Wolf (Formerly Viola) Heavy Duty Mosquito Killer Bat

There’s a reason the Weird Wolf mosquito bat stands as the number one best seller in Amazon in the bug zapper category today. It has a battery life similar to HIT’s counterpart, a much brighter LED light, and even comes in multiple colors.

With an incredibly sturdy build quality and tactile buttons for operation, you surely can’t go wrong with Weird Wolf. It even has a USB charging cable, meaning you do not have to depend on an AC socket and can truly carry the racket anywhere you need.

HNESS Rechargeable Mosquito Bat

HNESS is also one of the most premium brands you can find for killing mosquitoes in India, and its rechargeable mosquito bat does not disappoint. It is extremely light weight, compact and easier to carry, and can kill almost any kind of winged insect.

The triple layer net is a game winner in our opinion. It is simply outstanding and gets its target almost every single time. And did we mention that it comes with a detachable torch light? This means you can easily carry it around when you head outdoors. A really compact option if you’re planning on camping outside in the woods or someplace where there are bound to be mosquitoes.

Hygiene POP Mosquito Killer Racket

It isn’t an Indian mosquito bats list if it doesn’t include a Made In India product. Hygiene POP is a relatively new product in the bug zappers list, but don’t let that fool you. The really good quality plastic and effective nets are some of the best in the industry.

While the company still has a long way to go, things certainly look bright. The reviews speak for themselves. Although it doesn’t come equipped with an LED, you do get a great warranty period and good charging time, so we can consider this a good deal to watch out for.

Spartan Hunter Mosquito Resistant Bat

Spartan is a great brand, bringing something similar to what Hygiene is trying to do with its POP mosquito bat. Its main attractions lie with the longer lasting batteries and a more convenient racket structure for easy maneuvering and killing. You might want to keep a check on the effectiveness of the zaps, however, because they may lose effectiveness over time. That aside, this is a great product to consider if the mosquito infestation in your area is very low.

The Best Mosquito Killing Brands in India

1) HIT

We’ve already told you why HIT is one of the best brands in India for getting rid of mosquitoes. The company is good at what it does – be it killing rats, cockroaches, or mosquitoes – and is almost everyone’s most trusted brand.


Now known by the name Weird Wolf, this is also a brand we’ve already mentioned in our list of mosquito killing bats and that’s because Viola is one of the best mosquito bat brands you can find on the internet today. Try it out for yourself to see what we mean.


Akshara is a great brand, from India, and has a catalogue of fine products to back its local reputation. The reason we didn’t mention it on our list is because they do not have a mosquito bat on Amazon currently, however, keep checking this space to know when their mosquito killer bat is back in stock.


Hygiene is a very cool brand, not just because it is a Made In India initiative, but also because it has been so well received by its consumers. The company regularly puts in free gifts as part of its products to make the customers feel like they’ve gotten their money’s worth. Read the reviews on its Hygiene Just Zap mosquito killer bat product and see for yourself.


Although the name makes it sound like it’s an overseas brand, HNESS is actually a component of BM Enterprise, that originated from Gujrat, India. The brand is really good at following up with its customers and delivering very high quality products.


Spartan is the kind of name that just sticks with you and you end up not forgetting it for a very long time. But just talking without action will only take you so far. That is why Spartan has focussed on building products that stick with you for a relatively long time, and that is commendable.

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Who invented the mosquito bat?  

There are over a thousand different brands that manufacture mosquito killing bats of different shapes, sizes and colors, and they vary from country to country. But all these brands owe their success to the man behind the original electric mosquito bat – Tsao-i Shih. The Taiwanese inventor has been regarded as a great experimentalist for designing and implementing such a device in 1996.

Today, almost every single mosquito bat in the world uses Tsao-i Shih’s working principle to build high quality, durable mosquito killers that can be used with absolutely no effort at all. Let’s take a look at how these mosquito bats work.

How Mosquito Bats Work

Mosquito coils are great, but there’s only so many mosquitoes they can kill before running out. To get rid of every single mosquito, you will have to get them one by one. This is where electrical mosquito bats come in. 

Essentially a mosquito bat works like this: Every single time a mosquito gets caught in the wiring of the bat, an electric pulse is sent through that almost instantly burns the irritating insect to a crisp. And just like that, you have one less insect to worry about.

Here’s a beautifully written guide by the folks at tworks on the core components of a mosquito bat.

Components Of A Mosquito Bat & How to Repair one?

While a mosquito killer bat looks as simple as a standard badminton racket, there’s a little more technical stuff going on beneath the plastic enclosure. What makes the electric mesh go pop is the PCB (circuit board). The PCB is connected to the battery and it works as the brain of the bat. It is also connected to the LED and the mechanical buttons. And that’s about it – everything you see in action, from the mosquito getting caught to being burnt to dust, is all because of the PCB sending a little electric pulse to get the job done.

Closing Thoughts

In this article, we’ve talked about some of the best quality mosquito bats that you can find online. But getting rid of mosquitoes and other rude, uninvited guests doesn’t just stop there. There are a lot more products,remedies and even mobile apps you can try from the PestZap Blog that you can try to get rid of insects and pests that have been living under your roof for ages such. So head over to the PestZap and learn all of that stuff, and more, absolutely free.

Pest Control

Pest Control Market in India – Buzzing Away?

In the last two decades, while the world market for consumables, electronics has been expanding based on the population explosion. However, silently alongside this growth, there has also been outbreaks of many types of diseases, including the current one COVID-19, that we are all collectively facing. 

Unlike some of the previous outbreaks, COVID-19 is not transmitted through insect vectors, whereas Zika virus, Chikungunya, H1N1 virus and dengue were and are transmitted through ticks and mosquitoes. 

The Indian Pest Control Association has identified common pest problems in India to include cockroach, rodents, mosquitos, termite, reptiles, wood border, spider, lizards, bed bugs, ants and bats, which are also major cause for pest borne disease. 

The same organisation is confident that the pest control market size in India will be growing at 15% per annum for the next few years.

What is driving the growth of Indian Pest Control Market?

The optimism towards the pest control market in India is attributed to several drivers; majorly the climate in the country which is considered to be conducive for the proliferation of the various forms of pests enlisted earlier. So in plain terms, the problem of pests in our houses is not going to go away for a long time as India’s warm climate which is unfortunately suitable for mangoes is also suitable for the breeding of insects, and their faster development and prolonged survival rates. 

Another factor of population, human population in India which is currently at 1.25 billion and growing is also expected to provide impetus to the growth of the pests in India. Higher population densities present easy development of newer breeding grounds for the insects. The increasing population will also require additional food storage facilities, specially considering that India is an agriculture dependent economy. To reduce any losses to pest/insect infestation, the storage facilities and in fact the entire food supply value chain will also be requiring periodic pest control solutions. 

This growing infestation is expected to be countered with a few positive macro-economic factors such as India being the largest economy and being the fastest growing economy which is a reflection of the  rapidly expanding middle-class base; this economic development is bound to increase the ability of Indians to seek out pest control options which is a major driver in the predicted 15% per annum growth in pest control market in India. 

Furthermore, the fast pace of urbanisation has created and is expected to create more residential, commercial, and industrial properties. At least for the commercial and industrial properties, where mandatory audit certifications such as ISO 9001 and ISO 2200 will ensure that pest control solutions will be a much sought-after service and that too, will be required periodically. 

Considering the pandemic that we are living through, there have been ample guidelines pushed by the government and initiatives towards maintaining pest free and hygiene workplaces and why even railway stations. Any avid train traveller would certainly vouch for this. 

Commercial and industrial setups opt for pest control solutions to either protect the property, people and/or adhere to regulatory compliances laid down by the civic authorities. 

Damage to property is harmful for any business entity, a rat infestation may lead to them chomping down on the cables to the mainframe server, termites infesting the office furniture and then the business owner is left with minimal options of throwing out all of the furniture. Office spaces with pantries must be more careful as it may affect the employees’ health. Come monsoons, and there are increasing cases of dengue which might have been contracted either at the workplace or home, but the civic authorities do ensure that the workplaces are sanitised. 

Based on the above possibilities, compliance forms a solid reason for commercial establishments to seek pest control services to not only keep their workplaces hygienic but also interestingly protect their brand reputation, given today’s rapid involvement of social media.

Are there any areas of concern for the pest control market in India? 

Though India has a large population base, but the question bothering the pest control market players is the lack of awareness among us Indians towards pest control; who are either are dependent on temporary solutions to fix the insect infestation such as traps, or any form of insecticides available at their nearest store. Even if there was awareness towards pest control solutions, Indians would be against shelling money for such services as they would often perceive these imperative solutions as “expensive”. Whereas there are several service providers who would provide reliable pest control services anywhere between INR 3,000 – 5,000 and this would be the amount any average Indian middle-class family would shell out for a dinner at a restaurant. 

Indians at large would focus on ensuring their houses are safe and clean but would be blissfully unaware that their overhead water tank of their residential properties be it apartments or societies or standalone houses would be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. 

The players in the industry are hence currently focusing on educating the masses about the detrimental effects of a pest / insect infestation. We wish them all the best as they are facing an uphill task given the length and breadth of the country not only in terms of geography but also varying beliefs towards pest control. 

One popular belief is towards the harmful effects on pest control chemicals which is however faulty as there are several harmless and organic methods available for pest control.

What are the services offered by a typical pest control solution provider? 

A well-established pest control participant would provide the following services: 

  • Exclusion is the method of preventing the entry of pests into the property. 
  • Restriction is another preventive measure which includes identifying possible breeding grounds at the outset and the remedies involved for it such as sealing cracks and crevices. 
  • Destruction is once there is an infestation, a control measure which either involves chemical or non-chemical methods to eliminate the pests. 
  • Monitoring is a very important step which is often disregarded as an additional cost but however a monitoring service can prevent the need for using pest control methods. 

Though the market in India is largely un-organised, there are few players who are adding a bit of structure to this growing market with several latest solutions such as Bharat Group, Indian Pest Control Co., Jardine Henderson Limited, Orient Pest Control, and Pest Control (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Another example of the potential held by this country towards the pest control market is the entry of a global player, Rentokil Initial under a joint venture with Pest Control India in the year 2017. Rentokil estimated the Indian pest control market in India to sized at INR 1,800 crores in 2017 and grow at 15% per annum for the next few years.